Welcome to Sailstar

Sailstar do arrange a lot of different courses for kids and adults. Courses from 1 to 7 days. Courses in boats from 9 feet to 50 feet. From 30 kg to 15 000 kg. The dinghy courses are the fastest way to learn how to sail. In the keelboat courses you learn how to handle a bigger boat. You will meet a lot of friends with the same interest and the atmosphere is fantastic! During seven seasons, 2010 - 2016, we have educated more than 1 650 persons in sailing (and a couple of dogs)! At Sailstar we learn the basic things about sailing, in theory and practice, we do it fun and easy and above all available. We are not the club where you will practice for a long time to make an International career as a sailor, but we aim to be the best sailing school for the widest audience. However, several of the instructors are going for gold in Swedish Nationals or even the World Cup. Our instructor are 15 to 53 years, our particpants varies from 6 to 75 years. If you never has sailed before you have perfect knowledge base for us. Have you sailed while you were younger but have forgotten about it? We help you. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend that knows how to sail and want you to follow? Take it easy, we will help you.

Våra kurser för barn - Brisarna och Kulingarna

Sailing school for kids

The kids courses, from 7 to 14 years are 4 or 5 days and is arranged from the summer vacation first week to August. they are held in different locations - Lilla Essingen (Stockholm), in Linanäs. (Other locations may occur.) Two levels, beginner and intermediate. You choose when you book your course. Beginner level takes it easier, play more and sail more together with an instructor. Intermediate level sail more on their own, in group, two and two or single. A couple weeks we are intermediate only. We learn how to make a knot, the basic of sailing, terms, windeye, capsize, navigation and we have fun. One day in the week it is pirates day. All courses has the requirement of 200 m swim ability.

Try for a day

Try for a day

Try one day dinghy sailing. One day with theory and practice. The try-one-day is the first day of the introduction and basic course, quite a lot of theory but still some hours on the water. We sail in single- and doublehanded boats. You can try for a day at all our dinghy classes if there is a space. Contact us to check availability. Try for a day is SEK 1 700.

Introduction classes

Introduction courses

Introduction course is two days, one weekend. A good option to make a thorough test of dinghy sailing. Two days will give you a good base for sailing but you will need little more to really be able to say that you can sail. The course takes you thru sailing glossary, rigging, sailing in theory and practice, capsize, safety and we spend as much time as possible on the water. Our basic courses starts with the introduction course then continue with two more days. Introduction course, two days is SEK 2 750


Basic course for adults and youth in a sailing dinghy

The basic courses is four days. Most of them are arranged over two weekends, two of them a long weekend. You will be surprised of how much you will learn on a basic course. From being a totally beginner you will be able to pick your dinghy, rig it, put it into water and sail around an island. And get back. You will also find it both fun, you will meet new friends and you will find dinghy sailing quite athletic. Price for a basic ourse, 4 days, is SEK 4 450


Basic course big sailing boat (keel boat 50 ft)

Here is an excellent opportunity to learn how to sail and manouvre a bigger sailboat and at the same time explore the Stockholm archipelago, one of our worlds best sailing water. We sail a 50 feet Beneteau flagship during three or four days (2 or 3 nights) and we learn about sailing, manouvres, sea rules, knots, terms and have a fantastic stay onboard. We live onboard. The boat has 10 berths (max 8 participants) and we sail with expereinced instructors that knows sailing, knows how to teach and have the proper education to run a ship of this size. Courses starts in May and ends in October. Price is 4 950 SEK (3 days), 5 950 SEK (4 days) Some courses are race courses and intermediate courses with night sailing.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties

For the stag and hen party

Dinghy sailing is easy, safe and fun. And something that many have never done. Start your stag or hen party with dinghy sailing. We put the groom or bride in a dinghy to get the rest of you sail around. Or will it be the opposite? The event is held for 3-4 hours.

Rent an instructor

Rent an instructor

It is not fun to go out with the boat and be unsure of the details. How can I get the most out of my sailing, how do I anchor up, which way should I sail. We have experienced instructors who knows sailing, anchoring and navigation in the archipelago. Release the boat from the dock, anchor in the bay and how to enter the new port with hundreds of other boats. We even think it is fun. Hire us for a day or two and learn to sail and handle the boat. You decide the agenda. Price is SEK 4950 per day in the Stockholm area.

Our boats, our instructors, our places

Our dinghies

We sail dinghy

We sail dinghies. One-, two- and three man dinghies. In dinghies you learn quickly, because there is less opportunity to make mistakes without realizing you're doing wrong. Our dinghies called Laser BUG (one-man), RS Feva (two-man), Laser PICO (two-man) and RS Quest (multi-party) If you know how to you sail dinghy, it is easy to switch up to keelboat sailing.

Our keel boats

We sail keelboat

We also sail keel boat. Our keelboat we use for our courses is a Beneteau 50 flagship. For those who want to learn to sail in a little more comfortable way than sailing dinghy. Or for those who passed a dinghy course and who want to learn sailing otherwise. Or for those who are most interested in having a lovely sailing in one of the world's best sailing waters - the Stockholm archipelago. Our sailing courses in the Mediterranean also uses large keel boats of 48 - 54 feet.

Our instructors

Experienced instructors

Our instructors have sailed dinghies in many years, most of them have nautical evidence of both the archipelago skipper, coastal skipper and Class 8 command. We have leaders who have sailed, and sails, numerous Nationals, the European and World Championships. In all dinghy courses we use instructor boats. .



Our dinghy classes are based on Lilla Essingen, Stockholm and Linanäs. There is a dinghy sailing circus! Keel boat courses are based (mostly) in Viggbyholm, Täby and takes you around the Stockholm archipelago, the world best sailing waters. Our Mediterranean courses starts from Trogir in Croatia or Lavrion in Greece.



Dinghy sailing is safe. Our dinghies are unsinkable. The instructors have good training in safety. As a participant, you get a life jacket and a wetsuit. In the keel boat courses are our leaders trained ship's class VIII, the boat is well equipped with safety materials.



Sailstar has produced its own literature. Partly book "Lära sig segla, cool, kul!" used primarily in the dinghy courses and the new training book "Seglingens grunder 2.0". Literature is part of all our courses and all courses there is an element of theory.