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Sailstar arranges introductory and basic courses as well as some continuing courses and exercises. Our goal is that after completing the basic course you will be able to rig your boat (hoist sail), launch it if it's a dinghy, be able to sail out of the harbor (all boats), understand how to steer and navigate and take you around an island and then come back to the harbor. You should also be able to handle the boat at the port and manage navigation helpfully.

The basic courses we arrange are three/four days (Sweden), four days dinghy course in Tenerife, five days course on the yacht Tenerife or six days in Croatia.

Basic course contents

  • Basics of sailing, sailing in different directions
  • Basics of sailing, go higher and lower, bear away and head up
  • Basics of sailing, tacks and gybes, point to the wind
  • Winds, wind forces, read winds
  • Read weather, interpret a forecast
  • Terms of sailing
  • Seafare and safety, man-over-board (man-over-board not on dinghy courses)
  • Knots
  • Throw ropes
  • Give-way rules
  • Rigging
  • Sail care*
  • Navigation part 1
  • Boat handling, maneuvering and docking, anchorage (anchorage not dinghy)
  • Basics of trim of the boat and sail, cunningham, outhaul, kick, balance in the boat
  • Practice in sailing. For dinghy courses we practice capsizing.

Next step course contents:
  • Trim of the boat, use of cunningham, kick, outhal, backstay
  • True and apparent wind
  • Balance of the boat
  • Reefing
  • Heave to wind
  • Sailing theory for sailing in darkness
  • Man-over-board by sailing
  • Sailing boat history

  • The racing course contents
  • Different types of racing
  • Trim of the boat, use of cunningham, kick, outhal, backstay
  • True and apparent wind
  • Balance of the boat
  • Starting procedures
  • Tactics, start, roundings, right course
  • Technique, tacks, gybes
  • Race practice
  • The course day is seven to eight hours. The requirement is that you can swim 200 meters.

    The basic course gives you the opportunity to obtain Sailing Certificate 1 (Yachtsmans diploma level 1 issued by NFB and if you already have a yachtsmans certificate and Sailor Certificate 1 it entitles you to obtain Sailing Certificate 2. (Does not apply to the dinghy courses). Both have an additional price of 300: - plus the blue book of SEK 50 The basic course at Sailstar gives you 10% discount on Croatian courses and 15% discount on other courses.


    • Basic course dinghy sailing three days, SEK 4 250)*
    • Basic course dinghy sailing, four days, SEK 5 450 in Sweden*
    • Basic course midsize sailboat, three days, SEK 4 350 *
    • Basic course midsize sailboat, four days, SEK 5 450 *
    • Race course, four days, midsize boat SEK 5 450 *
    • Basic course 50 ft yacht, four days, SEK 9 250 **
    • Next step course 50 ft yacht, five days, SEK 9 250 **
    • Basic course 44-46 ft yacht, Croatia, six days, (7 nights onboard) SEK 10 950 ***
    • Continuing courses and training, contact us.
    • Prices including VAT
    * The courses are daily courses, no lodging or food included. Bring your food bag and drinks to the course
    ** The price includes basic course in sailing, accommodation on the boat for three nights. *** Price includes basic course, boat rental seven nights Saturday-Saturday and boat rental. Additionally, travel to Trogir, food at self-cost price, part of harbor rentals, fuel.