Practice sailing with us!

We practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings!


We practice every weekday - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings between 18.00 to 20.30.
There are some different "themes" for each evening:

  • Mondays: Practice for non-experienced and the instructors join in the boat. Price 350 SEK.
  • Tuesdays: We practice with racing, or gennaker sailing, or starts only, or sailing with reefed sails. Price 270 SEK.
  • Wednesdays: Sprint race, racing short tracks, all boats are invited. Price 270 SEK.
  • Thursdays: Racing, same practice as Tuesdays. Price 270 SEK.

Sign up on our mailing list and then sign up for each night you want to practice. Latest 12.00 the same day, also latest 12.00 for cancellation of training. Pay by Swish to 123 012 88 27 the same day.

  • Experience: Sailor diploma 1, passed Basic course at Sailstar or equivalent. Must be able to swim 200 meters in open water.
  • Location: Viggbyholm, Täby at 18.00
  • Price: 270 - 350 SEK per practice
  • Contents: Training weekdays
  • Booking: Sign up!