Sail event with Sailstar

We offer company events and companion events in dinghies, small sailboats and a larger sailyacht.


Let us arrange your event! We are able to arrange completely different types of sailing events, from the sporty and the wet dinghy sailing event to the luxurious sailing on a big sailboat. Or, we arrange a match race on two identical 24-foot sailboats. Or make a combination of everything!
All events handle 8-12 people each, sail single dinghies - 8 people in each dinghy, sail two-man dinghies - two people in 4 dinghiess, sail a race with 4 people per boat (three boats) or sail with our Beneteau 50 to 8 people. It is good mix for some different sailings during one day.
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  • Previous knowledge: None. However, participants may swim 200 meters in open water.
  • Location: Viggbyholm, Täby
  • Contact us for an offer and proposal for an event!

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