Sailstar sailing school
We teach sailing.

Sailing courses in Sweden, Croatia and Tenerife. Basic courses in dinghies, small keelboat and large sailing yachts. Charter and events. Dinghy sailing wintertime.

Sailstar arranges sailing courses in Sweden, Croatia and Tenerife. Our courses in sailing is arranged in different kind of sailing dinghies and boats and different places in Sweden and abroad. Sailstar arranges courses in dinghy sailing, in midsize sailing boats (22 feet) and in large sailing yachts of 44-50 feet. The basic courses in Sweden are 3-4 days, in Croatia 6 days. In Tenerife we have basic courses (4-5 days) and pure dinghy sailing clinics (4-5 days) as well as large yacht courses.
The sailing courses gives you the Yachtsmans diploma level 1 (level 2 or even 3 if you have 1 and yachtmaster diploma) according to NFB.

Basic course, four days, yacht

Sailing course arranged on our 50 feet sailing yacht in Stockholm archipelago
Accomodation aboard. Thursday-Sunday. Season May - September

Basic course, 4 days, yacht

Our popular basic sailing courses on our yacht departs from Viggbyholm, Täby north of Stockholm. We sail through Stockholm archipelago with a visit at one of the archipelago famous restaurants for a dinner and stay over night. Accomodation and meals are onboard (except for the dinner at the restaurant) for 4 days, 3 nights. The yacht is a Beneteau 50 with 5 cabins and room for 6 participants. Our instructors are experienced sailors and they all have Yachtsmans diploma class VIII. You learn the basics of sailing, manouvering, anchoring and more.

Basic course, three/four days, midsize sailing boat

New and modern 22 feet sailing boats, daily courses (no accomodation)

Basic course, 3/4 days, midsize sailing boat

Sailing courses, basic three/four days arranged from our sailing center in Viggbyholm. These courses are three days Monday - Wednesday and four days thursday-Sunday during summer, other schedule in spring and fall. Modern 22 feet sailing boats gives intensive sailing with dinghy feeling and keelboat docking and manouvering.