Basic courses at Tenerife

Sailing courses, dinghy sailing, at Tenerife!!
The courses at Tenerife are organized by Sailstar at San Miguel Marina on Tenerife's south coast, at Amarilla Golf, Golf del Sur. The courses are basic courses in dinghy (RS Zest and RS Neo) and smaller 19 foot SIGMA keel boats. The courses are four days with a spare day f the weather has caused us to set one day. Our four days basic courses teach you how to sail, we sail dinghy, an intuitive way to learn and here in the warmer waters of the Atlantic it really invites you to sail sailing. Sailstar has organized courses since 2010, for thousands participants and we have a good educational background with both theory and of course practical parts.
Here in Tenerife we have the theory right by the boats and the sea. The courses are intended for adults. You learn to sail from level 0. The course gives you the right to Sailor diploma level 1 according to NFB, which equals RYA sailing level 1 and 2. See course contents here!
The climate is pleasant in Tenerife, the air temperature is usually 20-24 degrees and the water 19-22 degrees.

Courses at Tenerife

Scheduled basic courses 2022-2023 at Tenerife with sailing dinghy:

  • You need to know: For basic courses: Nothing, except being able to swim 200 meters in open water.
  • Location: San Miguel Marina, Amarilla Golf, Tenerife
  • Price: EUR 545. Sailing course four days and documentation included. English speaking instructors.
  • Language: The most of our courses are held in English.
  • Basic course contents: You learn to sail. Focus is sailing but you will also learn about manouvering, handling a dinghy, navigation, right-of-way rules and more More about course contents!
  • Travel and accomodation: The place we are at is Marina San Miguel at Amarilla Golf. It is close to a number of hotels and there are also numerous AirBnB places. It isn't far to Los Cristianos (but to far away for a walk).
  • Booking: See courses and book here! The reservation fee is EUR 200 and the remaining cost to be paid 2 weeks before the course start. It is possible to pay by card.
    You can also call us at +46 76 114 19 30 or mail at